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Big Data is changing the world as we know it. So we created a formidable team of data scientists, technologists and strategists to explore it and unlock its value for our customers. Data science serving customers. That is Talas.

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Gain customers and message to them directly. Use data to reach them and provide perks to reward them.

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Dynamic Campaign Engine

Run campaigns that directly communicate with your intended audience. Schedule when and how they receive your messages.

Profiles And Insights

Build a picture of your target customers. Understand how they behave and what they are interested in.

We focus on our Telco strengths in data and technology assets to fuel the DIGITAL ECONOMY in the Philippines.

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Big Data

What exactly is Big Data? How is it changing the way businesses and governments operate, and how do consumers benefit from it? We provide you with information about this new phenomena that is paving the path to a data-driven, connected and technology-powered future.

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and Enterprises

If you’re a business looking to understand how Big Data and technology can help your profits and develop new revenue streams, we’ve got some information to help you see how data and technology can change the future of your company.

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Hi, I’m Wiz, and I’m a data scientist working here at Talas. Get to know me and my team as we tell you all about the exciting projects we have!

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