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We Are Talas

Idealists. Dreamers. Geeks. On a mission to change how business is done. With a big ambition to transform the Philippines through technology.

We are a dynamic team of technologists, data scientists and business strategists, with world-class skills and wide global exposure. We are a diverse mix of local and global Filipino talent with top academic training and proven technology experience.

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What Do We Do

At Talas, we show world-class technology innovation, deep expertise across various business domains, and local market intelligence in Southeast Asia. We enable PLDT to become the backbone of the digital economy for the Philippines and the region.

TALAS DATA INTELLIGENCE INC. is the PLDT Group’s Big Data Organization.

Led by Silicon Valley Veteran Winston Damarillo, Talas leads advanced technology development and analytics-based initiatives within PLDT.

Our strategic vision behind this transformative infrastructure is to enable the Group to lead in the development of the Digital Economy of the Philippines.

We enable PLDT to better serve its customer and subscribers, and consequently enriching and modernizing the lives of its Filipino consumers.


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The Team
We geek out on data and crank out data science codes, one algorithm at a time.

The Team

We geek out on data and crank out data science codes, one algorithm at a time.

Winston Damarillo

Chief Executive Office (CEO)

Winston Damarillo is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of the PLDT Group and the CEO of Talas. He’s a Silicon Valley veteran with over 20 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur and venture capital professional with a proven track record of building successful companies. On his spare time, he builds technologies through open-source frameworks and plays with the latest tech gadget such as drones and 3D printers.

Os dela Paz

Os is Talas’ boss lady who keeps everything from operations to corporate services running and in check. She has extensive Telco experience at Smart Communications and is our expert in managing projects and integrating operations. She enjoys the startup culture at Talas and hybrid of industry experts and digital talent. Outside of Talas, she is a dedicated wife and mom to a 6-year-old budding ballerina, and dreams of owning her own salon.

Rocky Bacani

Rocky is the Head of Technology of Talas. With expertise in Technology Transformation and Software Engineering Methodologies as well as proven management and leadership skills. He was an important player in the pioneering the Talino platform, among other technology initiatives he led for Smart Communications and PLDT Group. He collects action figures, plays vinyl records and invest on audiophile gears.

Alvin Gendrano

Alvin leads the Talas’ Insights Team, developing strategies on making big data technologies crucial for businesses. Previously, he launched the Xbox Games-on-Demand service and grew it to $300M annually, while also publishing papers on distributed databases. He has received graduate degrees in the US, and geeks out on Xbox Halo, Fallout, and Diablo action.

Margaret Yunque

Margaret leads the Market & Solutions Development Team. She has been recognized as a team leader and has created go-to-market strategies for top technology companies such as Oracle and IBM. She’s committed to local market objectives in highly competitive regions. She enjoys trying out online recipes, swimming and spending time with her two kids.

Anne Macalintal

Anne leads Technology Solutions. She works as a trusted partner to clients while also having a keen technical mind to execute tech strategies, which she has honed at Oracle, ABS-CBN and Michelin APAC. On the weekends, when Anne isn’t busy lecturing on Big Data at UP, she enjoys being a sports buddy to her son, completing fun runs together and training for half marathons.

Howard Atienza

Howard manages Data Architecture and Core Engineering at Talas. With additional experience in database development early in his career, working in Big Data is deja vu for Howard. Prior to Talas, Howard spent his weekdays managing data records and application logs for SMART Communications, Inc. He spends his weekends cooking for his wife and two kids.

Gilbert Gaw

Gilbert oversees Portfolio and Program Management. He leads various technical initiatives from Big Data Infrastructure, Capability Build-Up and Budget Management. He enjoys the Talas culture of “Work Hard, Play Hard and Live Easy.” His interests outside of the office include new technologies, Transformers Masterpiece Figures and Magic The Gathering.

Mike Lualhati

Mike has two roles at Talas: Engineering (data infrastructure and applications) and Technical Operations. He has assumed technology executive and database specialist roles with experience leading lean product engineering, custom systems development, and large scale technology deployment and integration. Outside of work, he is an audiophile enthusiast, shooting sport hobbyist and is always on the lookout for a mint birth year watch.

Elton Gabriel

Elton is our Infra and Operations Manager, ensuring that technology platforms are fully operational. He has worked on technology projects in the field of Financials, Online Charging Systems, Communication and VAS. He played a critical role in the execution of SMART Money and Smart eLoad and Pasaload. Elton is equally intense and passionate in his hobbies: basketball, biking and practical shooting. A man of action at work, and a man of trash talk in the court.

What We Believe

We believe in technology that is game-changing. In well-designed platforms and intelligently planned systems architecture. In getting inspiration from renowned technology companies and futurists, from both the East and West.

We value finding world-class ideas and executing them locally-- bringing the world to our clients and customers where they have access at their fingertips. We are committed to offering the best technology, solutions and talent in order to advance the region, enabling businesses and consumers to make leapfrogs and innovate.

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