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At Talas, we own a large data factory we call “Talino”. Talino for us is about building best-in-class technology and services, leveraging our current assets and improve how technology is used in the the country. It is the largest data processing engine in the Philippines.

Homegrown with a world-class team of engineers, data scientists, and business strategists, Talino powers Talas’ insight products and solutions. Talino capabilities include real-time event trigger, big data analytics, consumer profiling, and insights visualization and online dashboards, to name a few.

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Our platform for Location Insights allows for building of mobility profiles and personalization based on data from multiple structured and semi-structured data sources, from our internal data or external client data. We also have a marketing execution engine that allows for real-time triggers, data feedback and campaign tracking.

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Data Processing & Storage

The Talino technology and the rich source of insight solutions it delivers will empower businesses to store and process massive amounts data, which can be used to accurately understand the market, increase efficiency, and support decision-making for future business plans.

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We deliver our insights through an executive dashboard that is designed to show executives a high-level view of the data, and is versatile enough to show granularity for mid-level managers and analysts. Dashboards help us and our clients make sense of messy data, better identify repeated behaviors, and predict future destinations

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Digital Solutions
and Campaigns

We can create audience profiles based on algorithms with our technology. Using audience profiles will allow companies to predict behavior, employ micro-level profiling for improved accuracy of targeting and in turn, deliver great marketing campaigns for customers.

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